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Building on the highly successful Ozone Little Devil series, the Samurai is the next evolutionary step. By adapting new technologies to proven stability the Ozone design team have developed a new power kite that offers higher performance with sharper handling, while maintaining its all around usability.

The new design features a thinner profile to increase the speed and flying window. We have also fine tuned the Samurai's plan-form and reduced the tip area to create a smoother, tighter turn radius, whilst maintaining constant power. This result is a kite that flies faster and turns quicker, providing more power, without losing its friendly stability.

The Samurai has been designed to perform in all conditions and for all power kiting sports, including Kite ground boarding (KGB), buggying, snow kiting and free flying. Due to its ease of handling, the Samurai is suitable for both first time flyers and those looking for the perfect all-round power kite that is fun and easy to use but with high performance. The Samurai produces solid, user-friendly power.

As you would expect, the Samurai has been constructed using the finest quality materials. Our construction is millimetre accurate, producing beautiful clean wings built to paragliding standards. All bridle line's are stitched then connected to the wing via tabs (attachment points) which are sewn into the cell walls for maximum strength. This attention to detail using the finest materials available creates kites that can take abuse but more importantly keep their designed factory trim for their lifetime, giving you peace of mind with your purchase of an Ozone product.

The Samurai can be used with either standard four-line handles or a control bar. The handles are perfect for buggying and general free flying, whilst the control bar is more suited for mountain boarding and snow kiting.

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